All the SIFA Kids are now in private schools in Uganda - some in college, most still in high school and ALL of them are doing fabulous!  The money raised on the tour has provided for their education, built a school for 500 more kids, and created homes for many more orphans. 

The impact these kids are having, and going to have, on the world is tremendous!  Now I want to duplicate it a 1000 times!
Some of the Powerful Girl Journal covers:
And 10 more from them to choose from...
The 4 organizations the funds will support!
900 Afghan Girls
Cynthia Kersey has devoted her life to bringing hope and education to the children of Africa.
The fabulous organization I partnered with to bring over the SIFA Choir from Uganda!
100% of funding goes to providing education for the girls of Afghanistan!
Discover the amazing young lady who has devoted herself to the children of Africa!
These images are both the backs of some of the books and also Posters of all sizes.  Just 2 samples of 10 different posters!