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20 Different Covers to Choose From!

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Powerful Girl Journals!

100% of the profits from this Journal go to building schools for Girls all over the world!

The POWERFUL GIRL Journal is like none you have ever seen.   First, it needs to be big enough to really allow you to journal your life – so it’s 500+ pages!  Each 8 1/2  X 11 page is lined and ready for you.  And you have 20 different covers to choose from.  Make sure you check them all out!  But that is just the beginning...

It doesn’t matter what day of the year you start your journal – it will be with you for 365 days – until you’re ready for your next one. 

A Journal becomes even more of a treasure when it becomes even more than a Journal.

The Powerful Girl Journals are so much more than a Journal.  

You’ll find Powerful Girl Stories - amazing people who will make you realize you can do ANYTHING with your life.  (52 stories for every week of the year) 

Every single day you’ll get a Powerful Girl Quote.

You’ll be challenged with 100+ Powerful Girl Actions for how you can make a difference with your life. 
And every day you’ll have a place to write down your feelings, thoughts, challenges, hurts, disappointments, successes, celebrations, relationships, actions, experiences, adventures – all the things your life is made of. 
The Powerful Girl Journals will become irreplaceable treasures as you look back on your life!
Here’s the thing… In my many years of working with girls I have watched as one after another falters when you reach the "Real World." You start out with such great dreams. You are full of energy and hope - determined to make your mark on the world. Then you face the reality of unkind people; cruel words; failed attempts; unforeseen obstacles; and a myriad of other "Real Life" situations. 
Your dreams crumble before the onslaught. It doesn't have to be that way! If you are prepared; equipped; and strengthened by the stories of people who have come before, you can conquer everything that comes your way - making your dreams come true! 

If you have a safe place to write down your experiences and all the things you learn along the way – NOTHING will stop you from living the life you dream of right this minute! 

It’s my honor to be part of your journey with you. 

Let’s get with it! 

Ginny Dye

Northern Lights
Glowing Facets
Feathery Delight
Joyful Horses
Shimmering Butterfly
Glittering Stars
Soaring Eagle
Autumn Glory
Turbulent Ocean
Sunset Spray
Sunrise Reflections
Rainbow Journey
Magical Butterfly
Glowing Heart
Joyous Celebration
Storm At Sea
Desert Highlands
Glorious Tulips
Winter Wonderland
Solar Flare